The conceptRTE rich-text editor is an evolution of the Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor written by Kevin Roth.
ConceptRTE is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor replacement for <textarea> fields. This is an alternate version of the original Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor that uses a browser based WYSIWYG interface for the non-HTML user to create contents for CMS applications or any web applications with publishing requirement. Multi-languages support and call from a PHP page are implemented to provide flexibility and simple installation.
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ConceptRTE is a sub-project for the Content Management System ConceptCMS. ConceptCMS needed a WYSIWYG editor to replace the standard textarea form tag.
Kevin Roth's work was the best option for ConceptCMS, but some additional features were required to fit properly.
Be aware that this demonstration will not work with Php prior to version 4.1.0. However, ConceptRTE can work with Php, Asp, pure Html page and any Html pre-processor.